Small Sculptures

The inspiration for my sculptures is varied. Here is a sampling. I can also create one just for you. Contact me.

Baseball Bat Sculpture: An organisation was looking for a gift to thank a generous soul. Instead of a giving him a plaque, the organisation asked me to design and create a sculpture for him. I like this kind of challenge. I asked a lot of questions. This man loved baseball, the forest and enjoyed his work as a lumber scaler. I then designed and created this carving for him. He was touched, he told me so.

Patience (standing still): When we walk in the forest, lost in our thoughts, our steps are automatic. Then out of nowhere comes a toad. A clumsy leap or a stirring of the leaves signal his presence. Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Toad. Wrongly believed to be a water creature, this amphibian moves furtively across the forest floor looking for food. Its appearance doesn't provoke awe as would maybe a deer or a hawk. The toad quietly listens and watches, silent and anonymous. He waits for his prey to pass by, unaware. Time works in his favour. Brilliance comes from the sun. The shady forest imposes reserve. Everything is there; we must know how to take it. Hello Toad!

Man and Moose: Man goes hunting to get away from everything, to be free of obligations, to dream of bagging a big buck moose. The hunter cups his mouth with his hands to call the moose, and his hands become the antlers, because the man shares his nature with the animal.

Fly Box

(private collection)

Moose Antler and Gargoyle

Small Duck
((private collection)

Blue Duck
(private collection)

Owl Sign
(private collection)

Eagle and Salmon

Knotted Bowl

Talking Bowl

Musical Bowl

Fast Canoe

(private collection)

Fat Dog Thin Wolf

Drum with Faces

Sitting Raven


Ravens Four Direction

Wading Bird




Carried by Women

Wood and Rope
Easter Island

(private collection)

Pregnant Woman

Girl on Wing

Guide Carrying Deer


Wolf and Bear Fighting

Owl Coming Out of Mouth

Painted Mask

Salmon Back
(private collection)

Drum with Moose Hide

King Toad