Books and Music

CD Coconiche. CD I wrote and sang all 10 original songs on this album, recorded in 2006. You can order the CD through me for $20 (delivery charges not included).

(lyrics here, in French)

Of course, I own the copyright to these songs, but if you would like to sing them your way, we can talk.

I'm also working on a second album, one that includes a few collaborations with my daughter. As soon as it is ready, I'll let you know here.

Book Le Songe (The Dream): I painted a series of 14 watercolours to accompany the story of an Indian who discovers a beautiful valley and dreams of its future. I have the original paintings, but you can order the book by contacting me.

Book Histoire de chasse (Hunting story): This is the story of my first moose hunt with my father, told through 25 drawings. A television crew from Télé-Québec recorded an episode for a storytelling show using this story several years ago. I recounted the experience and used my drawing to help illustrate it. They also taped me walking through the forest. I still smile when I think about it. You can order the book through me.

Book Les esprits de la vallée (Spirits in the Valley): I grew up in the Matapedia Valley, and this area speaks to me. The spirits in the valley are there, patient, dormant, waiting in the bedrock by the road. I photographed them, inventoried their presence, and documented them in a book. I'll make a copy of it for you if you ask.