Large Sculptures

I have carved many large pieces that I have erected in the forest around my place. Would you like to have such a large piece in your surroundings? I can design and carve a large sculpture such as these for the interior or exterior of your home, based on your ideas and preferences.

Anticosti Totem:
A new house on Anticosti Island required a beam to support the staircase to the second floor. The owner wanted a sculpture that represented everything she loves about the island. Once she approved the sketch, the piece took shape in my workshop. The owner picked it up and it now stands in the middle of her house.
Of Men and Rivers:
The life of these men is tied to that of the rivers. The Restigouche River Watershed has five rivers, and this sculpture incorporates a stone from each one.

Seasons Totem:
Each season brings its activities and movements throughout the Restigouche River Valley. At the top is a man in a canoe, riding the high water in the spring.
Maternal Instinct:
A mother bear with three cubs at her feet checks for danger.

Balance: This installation is made up of 11 masks and a central post topped with a rock. (See this newspaper article about this piece). A white granite stone rests in balance at the top of a six metre high cedar post, its' round shape the result of millions of years of polishing, rolling around in the sand due to the Bay of Fundy's strong tides. Eleven mythical characters carved out of halved logs are constantly watching the stone.

Will you fall? We are waiting!

Our opinions, our beliefs and our fears are strange guides. Our loved ones, our idols, our enemies are occasional counsellors. Maintaining balance, through life and death, despite others and despite ourselves. A compulsory challenge.

Migration: I couldn't forget my disarray after seeing an illegal clear cut, and I wanted to draw something beautiful from this ugliness. I carved five salmon from a piece of cedar I stole from the log pile. I felt justified because of my disgust at seeing this terrible logging operation. This carving reminds me that looking away is not enough. I do it for me, for others, and for those to come.

Duality (Stagnation): I heated a piece of galvanized steel in the fire and hammered it to give it an S shape. I burned the shape on a rounded piece of white cedar again and again. Each time the steel screamed as it went from bright red to black, producing a sweet smelling smoke. Two parallel black sinuous grooves extended to the tip of the log. On another curved cedar log, I did the same thing, this time crossing the grooves. This resulted in an ovoid shape. In other words, with the same steel shape, I was able to burn two grooves that were similar, but different.

The two cedar logs were mounted and attached facing each other on another cedar tree, one with a Y shape. I cut out the shape of three birds and covered them with a sheet of copper. The eagle is on the side of the parallel groove, while the hawk is on the side of the oval groove. The raven is set at the top of the structure; his head points to the sky.

Despite sharing a common matrix, both dogmas are opposed to each other, and their conflict is never ending. There is no communication. Disappointed, the raven flies towards the sun.

Two Headed Raven: If you observe a raven flying in the wind, it quickly becomes obvious the aerial acrobat is having fun. The dear raven enjoys winter, forgotten garbage, abandoned carcasses and it knows how to survive. It should be Quebec's emblem instead of the snowy owl, a nearly invisible bird. The raven adapts, manages to survive, and even has fun.

Totem Human at the bottom: The natural world with birds, fish, plants and animals are on the same totem pole, and a human figure at the bottom supports it all. The Wind: The wind blows outward carrying the ravens to the four directions.

Owl Totem: (private collection) My friend Loulou wanted a totem pole for his sugar shack. I asked him why, I asked him about his life, his loves… and I carved him a small totem pole with an owl on top. The Reflexion Tree: A homeowner wished to embellish her stairwell. I know she likes ravens as much as I do, and here was a great place to show it.

Raven Heads: The wise ravens look in all directions.