When I come home after being in nature all day, I often have the urge to draw what turned out to be the highlight of my outing. Here is the result. All of these drawings are for sale. The price ranges from $100 to $200. Get in touch with me if one (or more) of them interests you.

Animals and Trees

Injured Duck

Canoe at Night

Field and Forest with House

Coyote Pack

St. Fidele Cemetery

Blue Jays

Green Geometrics

Tree Branches


Native Condom

Two Grouse

>Wood Stove at Hunting Camp

Winter Scene

Snowshoe Outing

Predators of Man

Colourful Trees (pastel)

Mustelidae (pastel)

Multi-coloured birds

Fisher Tracking Hare

Running Rabbit

Forest in the Mountain

Snowshoeing with Dog

Creation Poem

Moose Calling

Multi-coloured River

Tea Break

Beaver Hut

Moose on Snowmobile

Crossing River
with Child
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Crossing River
with Child
2 of 3

Crossing River
with Child
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